Wavelength Landscape

Project — code_name :: ontariostreet

Ontario Street is mainly a one man project. It is experimental in the sense that it has never had a clear direction, and in fact, it has changed ways too frequently…

Some constants remained intact, though. The Sessions, up and running now for more than 5 years, and the unavoidable attraction to all digital. The sessions have been always attached in a way or another to some sort of tech scene, idm, experimental, and also ambient, but with both feet on the ground, with some sort of road movie spirit, therefore, the other end of the pendulum: the post-rock influences and also some carefully curated indy. All this images are somehow related to that trip that Ontario Street keeps being.



Ontario Street has a second component, as important as the first one: It is a digital playground. As it is one of the least followed and visited sites in Internet’s history, I felt it to be my personal studio for experimentation. All the code and design behind it are mine (good or bad, it is my fault). As I’m learning, it has become better (i think, or, more accurately, I hope..) but I feel like, being so much of a personal project, I can do mostly whatever a feel like doing with it. It has never been promoted in any way, it does not monetize, it is not serving any advertising and it does not track visitors (except for the Mixcloud, etc… embeds, this is something I sincerely don’t know how to avoid). In one word, I’m paying for it. That gives me a high level of freedom.

That does not mean that Ontario Street is deaf to opinions (if there is one, I would love to hear it). If you happen to be the one reading this, by all means, drop a couple of lines. I’ll do my best to reply.

In terms of Social Media, the project have some participation, but I must admit that I’m pretty bad at it. I try to check any notification, but in general, it all comes to bot with fake sexy women pictures in their profiles. If any human wants to use that channels, one way or another, I will probably be on the other side.

Talking about bots, I have been not able to avoid a section featuring Archillect’s Twitter feed. If you don’t know about Archillect, it is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) scouting the web for any sort of dark beauty. It is simply amazing. You have a small sample just here, to your right.

Anyway, Welcome!!