(LAB_002) by Ontario Street & Cameron Aiken
(LAB_002) by Ontario Street & Cameron Aiken
by Ontario Street + Cameron Aiken
October 2017
Track Artist
And Keep Smiling Rachel's
No Nights Dark Enough III. Fear and Grief and Pain Valgeir SigurĂ°sson
Curtains Evan Caminiti
Stasis Awakening Disasterpeace
Transmission 02 Wojciech Golczewski
Phantom Lights Ben Chatwin
Lumberton Rafael Anton Irisarri
They Mostly Come At Night. Mostly y0t0
Family Portrait Rachel's
Path 5 (delta) Max Richter
G Labradford
Chimeras Tim Hecker
All These Worlds Are Yours Arc Lab
Slowed Rugs Hiss Tracts

Sessions: (LAB_002)

A full year gone since Ontario Street’s last collaboration with Cameron Aiken! it was time already (and, good news, new ones are coming).
This session turned to be way darker than the first one, more underground and dronish. Dreamy, also, if that is possible. We have a shared weak spot for Rachel’s, who he introduced me to (I can’t believe I didn’t know them) and it was the unexpected starting point for this trip. Unexpected regarding how intense and deeply electronic it ended up being. This is Ontario Street, after all, always glitchy!!

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